A Message From Our Directors

Thank you for visiting our site and engaging with Mayfair Property Management & Protection.

Our message is simple. It’s all about you.

About you the investor who have made such a huge commitment in time, energy and resources to secure property as a method of achieving your future goals and dreams.

It’s about providing you with an exceptional service that will take on the management, protection and return maximisation of your investment property assets. We do not take this responsibility lightly and understand and believe that you have the right to expect nothing but the best in terms of communication, diligence and attention to detail in the management of your property.

Our entire focus is exclusively on investment property management for owners who wish to be treated with respect and do not have time to put up with inferior treatment where they are ignored, disregarded or taken for granted.

We have established Mayfair Property Management & Protection in order to set a new standard in the property management industry where excellent communication is the norm, fee structures are transparent, pro-active nurturing of your property and your tenants is expected and a stress free experience is delivered.

Lauren Allingham
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Leigh Allingham
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